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Our design team is able to make a conceptual proposal based on the needs and requirements of our customers and bring to reality the ideas presented to us.


Our offer is summarized to the Production flexibility, Product customization and Technical Expertise in all processes that we integrate.


We help you to validate your ideas, and propose improvements to your projects are built in the most efficient way possible.

Logistics and Installation

We have a specialized and trained installation team projects. Coordination, Advising and Personalized service in the same place; Tecnometal.

Your best choice

We combine and master multiple processes under one roof.

Laser cutting
Powder coating
Logistics and installation


These are just some products we manufacture.


The most Advanced Technology in different processes.

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We´ve had the pleasure of performing projects for the following brands and more.

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Our strengths

Conveniently located for both fulfill national and exportation orders.

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Manufacturing equipment of last generation that provides great flexibility and efficiency.

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Experts in design, manufacture and installation of furniture for shops, as well as precision metal components.

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Be always near us, we have the solution for all your projects.
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